What the Pros Ride

Vs. What You Should

My riding bro and industry veteran Steve Gluckman said it best to me after we rode another Rails to Trails route in the Pacific Northwest

What the Pros ride is so removed from what I’m doing, it’s just irrelevant.

Furthering that point, yesterday Trek launched their disc version of the Domane RSL. That’s that’s their highest end race bike, costs about $12K and they buried the lede about it in Project One.

That’s because the teams won’t be on Trek’s newest road disc bike, not on a Specialized Roubaix with discs either, or Giant TCR.

While there’s much to debate about a Pro team’s race day decisions on cobbles, know that you can buy and ride a more advanced bike than what they’ll attack the Arenberg Forest sector with.

And, the upside is that the marketers have to sell more than the aspirational fitness and suffering of racing, but the bikes themselves.

Custom paint too.

So what should your ride, ignoring the Pros and the Spring Classics?

I suggest a bike like this.