Too Cool for Southby 15?

SXSW is what you make it and we continue to make it about the bike.

An update to last year’s response about the annual “we’re too cool” for SXSW sentiment is, still don’t miss you there. My Bike Hugger crew, partners, and sponsors bring a fleet of bikes to town, and we ride around, taking photos, and doing what we love.

Now that’s cool and what bike culture manifests every Spring in Austin. Going from zero to hundreds of free bikes in town took years to do and gets bigger every year. This weekend, we’ll be in the moment in Austin and enjoying it thoroughly.

SXSW is what you make it and we continue to make it about the bike.

If you want to ride with us, here’s our schedule and how to get a free bike.

Believing that SXSW 15 is about being part of the community, we switched up what we do — like suddenly we’re dismounting and remounting on the LEFT side of the bike — to advocacy this year from corporate experiential events with Microsoft, Google, and Gowalla in past years.

At Create, in the space where bikes and tech meet, we’ll greet filmmakers, city planners, and advocates. After that we’ll ride to watch the world premier of the film Bikes vs. Cars at Republic Square Park.

Bikes v. Cars World premiere with us.

RSVP and Details

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• 3:30–5:30 Meetup with DJs, Live Music, and Filmmaker’s remarks
• 6:00–7:15 Social Ride
• 7:45–9:15 Bikes v. Cars Premiere.