Sony Kumamoto Earthquake Video

Today Sony released Kumamoto Earthquake video showing the devastation, recovery, and a personal side of the company.

It’s remarkable that they shared it and showed so much. At the a9 launch, the media was shown photos of the recovered plant with all the employees outside of it, but this includes security cam footage of the 7.1 quake, and how it twisted steel columns, destroying the building where Sony sensors are made.

I’m not on the media trip (vacationing in Deer Valley) where the video was shown, but knowing the people involved, I can tell you part of Sony’s success is related to rebuilding the plant together, and what it took as a team.

In a late-night text, David Schloss, the editor of Digital Photo Pro, told me that all the factory employees were part of the cleanup and restoration project, and brought the plant — and Sony’s digital imaging business, back online.

To that, I give them a tip of the hat and a loud, “Kando!