The Trek 920 is a Digital Detox

Skykomish river is in the trees to the left.

Along the north fork of the Skykomish river, didn't see a car or have any cell coverage. It was what my friend KK+ calls a digital detox. There were no drones, no inebriates, no work talk, or networking either.

Based in a cabin, the weekender wasn’t set up for camping, but it can do that too.

Just solo riding a bike built for an adventure purpose, the Trek 920. Read more about the 920 in the Medium Bicycles Collection. I nicknamed it the weekender.

Never saw a fir tree so big, I couldn't wrap my arms around it. Have you?

Detoxing, and clearing my head, was the type of change we shared in Issue 24 of Bike Hugger magazine.

Being away from the city in the trees on primitive roads, was also a lead up to the Grand Fondo Leavenworth this weekend.

Mark V’s GFL stories from last year are still being told, and we're experiencing it together this time. Maybe we’ll both end up praying to the baby jesus to stop the cramps and for the legs to climb 3 passes and 10k feet….

Epic things can happen when you spastically grasp at the chance to do something different, Mark V said.

Changes: We see it in gear, attitudes, priorities, technology and even jobs. We look down the road at what’s coming. Issue 24 is available now on iTunes and the Web, annual subscriptions are $16; individual issues are $4. Your money directly supports the authors, photographers, and editors who contribute to Bike Hugger.