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Issue 24: Sexism and the Bike Industry

It started with an editorial ping of, “Hey have you seen this about Amanda Batty and Pinkbike?” and after some back and forth, Patrick Brady​’s story about sexism in the bike industry continues with Cyclingtips and the Daily Dot picking it up, and ongoing conversation in comment threads.

As one of our magazine contributors, I ran Patrick’s piece as the free cover story in issue 24 of Bike Hugger​ mag, calling for the positive change the industry needs. Proud of the collaboration, Patrick’s writing, and hoping ad buyers think about where they’re placing their products, and demanding change from the site of record for mountain biking. Obviously, not proud of the tone in the industry or the women problem it has.

A follow-on essay about this topic would track misogyny in tech and MTB, as their timelines cover the past 25 years, both with bros and machismo. The line from Gamer to Pinkgate is uncomfortably close.

As Lady Fleur said in response to me on Amanda’s blog

It’s not exclusive to the bike industry. It’s what happens in any social group that is so heavily male. When less than 10% of any “community” are female, the misogyny just comes out. Gamergate, brogrammers, boys club in the executive suite, pro sports. The list goes on and on.

It sure does and in cycling, the problem is further magnified by a lack of diversity in hiring people of color and alternative lifestyles.

For the latest on PinkGate story, see Amanda’s post.

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