Scott’s Plus-Size Mountain Bikes

An edit from Scott Bike on their Plus-size line — that’s a new wheel standard and tire offering better traction. While another wheel standard is like a new phone that’s just incrementally better than the awesome one you already have, Scott has really done their homework.

They make their case in a new mini site.

When I returned to MTB a few seasons ago, what I learned was how good bikes are now. As the bike company reps said to me, “trust the bike.” And, that’s totally true. Bikes like the Genius are built to handle most anything, and now with an option for even better traction and control.

Bigger contact patch
Wider rim, spreads the tire out, and you can run at even lower pressure, putting more tire in contact with the dirt.

That means, for example, if you need a weekend getaway from the city, fly on into SLC, drive up to Park City, rent a Scott, and go have fun on the mountain.

These new “Plus” bikes will keep you right on the singletrack.