Post Panamax Ships and the Port of Seattle

Post Panamax are the largest modern container ships, too big for the Panama Canal, and they call on the Port of Seattle.

The Antwerpen Express moored at the Port Seattle

This one, the Antwerpen Express, arrived last month. While Seattle is best known for the tech companies here, it’s really a port town and a hub of trade since the gold rush.

The Antwerpen Express isn’t the biggest ship to call here, there’s one bigger, but for scale if stood upright, it’s taller than two Space Needles.

And, after witnessing these behemoths sail in and out of Elliott Bay, I decided to make a short film about them, to capture an essence of Seattle lost in the hum of tech like Amazon, jets at Boeing Field, and the smell of Starbuck’s coffee.

You can see the big ships that call on Seattle from any of the bike paths that follow Elliott Bay.