In the Rim-Deep Loam with an Olympus PEN-F

Tree Tunnel and thick loam

Well, it just so happens that the custom camera bag made for the Sony RX1R II, also fits the Olympus PEN-F I have in to demo! So, took it with us during a ride on the Centennial Trail in Snohomish County, Washington. Stopped periodically, when the light was good, to take a few frames.

They’re shared here, and on Instagram.


A premium compact camera on the trail is one of the reasons we started shooting with mirrorless, to reduce the amount of gear we carry.

Mushrooms growing out of the loam.

The PEN-F is another excellent choice in compacts too with excellent lenses. And, like the Sony, it fits on a set of handlebars.

The image quality?

See for yourself, and I’ll review the PEN-F in a few weeks at Olympus Mirrorless Pro. It arrived too late for Issue 36 and its photography theme, but there are plenty of rides to photograph this summer. What I can also share now is the PEN-F has a 50-year history.

PEN-F with a sharp lens.