I Identify as a Climber, but I'm Totally Not One

Even in a Rapha White, Climbers Jersey, I'm not driving the pace when the road rises.

The white Rapha “climbers” jersey doesn’t make a difference in my climbing either, even though I've been waiting since the winter to wear it, when I felt fit enough.

My friend Jim from Element.ly climbs worse than me and wrote a story for Issue 25 about climbing.

Just kept pedaling, even if you get dropped whenever the road rises.
The Kronos race team heads out into the Sonoma countryside early in the morning, as Chris Lyman wrangles the team for some training.

I can’t climb.

Never could.

It is because I lack commitment.

And the fact I like pastries.

Some people learn their love of music or soccer or baseball or running from their father.

From my papa I learned my love of the danish.

I am convinced he could sense a perfectly made apple fritter within walking distance of anywhere he was standing in the world.

It was uncanny.

Despite all this, I prefer to think my lack of climbing ability is due to my desire for balance in my life….

Read the rest of Jim’s story at mag.bikehugger.com, and how he balances his life with a big goal he set for himself. It requires climbing for him and a subscription for $4.00 and issue or $16 for a year to read. Issue 25 celebrates success, like finally reaching the top of that climb.

And while no kit is gonna get me dancing on the pedals upwards, I sure do like wearing Rapha, cause it’s the most comfortable, even in the summer heat.

Back to how I identify, on a good day if the road is flat, I'm a sprinter.

Issue 25 Celebration is on the iOS Newsstand now and the Web.