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Issue 24: Hirose, Handmade Derailleur

Handmade derailleur from C.S. Hirose

As I parse more marketing language from one of the big 3 bicycle component manufacturers into a Bike Hugger blog post, my mind drifts to a handmade derailleur by C.S. Hirose.

The imaginary vignette continues to a pilgrimage ride, where a bike is handmade too, and it’s ridden along the coast, after asking Mr. Hirose about his favorite route(s).

Retro before it was cool.

In a jersey pocket, I carry a Hozan tool, to disassemble the bike, and pack it up for the eventual trip back home.

While a marketer makes up a new buzz word to describe a modern, 11 or one-by drivetrain function, on the other side of the world, Mr. Hirose turns the lights on in his shop, and fires up a torch…

Instead of racing to a finish line, I find myself chasing a romance with the bike.

The feeling of changing gears, changing attitudes, priorities, riding styles, and the technology is the theme for issue 24 available now on Medium.