DxO One Another Option in Mobile Photography

You’re riding along, stop for this vista, attach the One, and get the shot….

Today DxO launched One, a camera that plugs into your iPhone. For us, it’s very interesting because it gives you the image quality of a 1" camera with your phone as the controller, and a body that’s a fraction of a compact camera, even smaller than the Sony A7Rs we prefer to shoot with.

Photos from DxO.

For the traveler and cyclist, it’s another weight saver, small enough for a jersey pocket, and it takes better images than an iPhone — the sensors in phones are tiny.

Fits right into a jersey pocket.

On paper, the specs indicate low-light performance on par with an SLR too. David Schloss, our photography editor, is a beta tester of the One. Follow his Instagram for photos from this new plug-in , as he takes them.

You may not have heard about DxO until now, but their software is probably embedded in cameras you already use. They’re expert image processors that have stepped into the hardware business, and that’s great news for mobile photographers like us.

The DxO One costs $599.00 and is available for pre-order now.