Authentic Sound Effects

Volume 3.

Found this amazing CD at Grandma’s house and ripped all the sound effects to Amazon’s Music Player. Then started sharing them on Vine today, as short videos, starting with Atomic Bomb. The liner notes alone are creative gold:

Slow detonation, Approach of Shock Wave, Characteristic Low Rumble, Rustling Leaves.

Shit I’ve been in bike races I could describe like that!

The original work is from 1987 on Electra and was recorded by James Christopher, Ted Hall, and Adam Holzman. Produced by Keith Holzman, Bruce Botnick, and Jac Holzman.

It’s a hilarious sample.

My fav, that I’ll get to in a few episodes is, Body Falling Downstairs.

Why Grandma Ernie had this CD and the 2 others in the set, is anyone’s guess. She still lives a very interesting life in Sitka, Alaska. Perhaps on the coldest, windiest, rainiest days, she ran a pretend foley studio for the kids?

I emailed her to ask and I spent hours myself during Thanksgiving reading the sleeve and imagining the effort that went into creating this box set…

Every nuance of each sound has been carefully captured by leading engineers using the most modern and flexible specially-modified state-of-the-art portable equipment. No analog processing has intervened in the transfer from digital master tape to compact disc master.

I'm no music historian, but in 1987, the Beatles library was first released on CD and by that time billions were being sold. I suspect this CD was more about celebrating digital audio technology, as the Compact Disc Handbook did at the time.

I found the sound effects in a stack of CDs that included Kenny G and Late Night Brubeck: Live from the Blue Note, also a real gem.

Found the CD in a stack like this.

What am I going to share next? Water Lapping and Anchor Being Lowered….

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