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The Joy, Fun and Challenges of Life on A Bike
Note from the editor

Bike Hugger® is a lightning rod for the cycling lifestyle. We share the nature, joy, fun and the challenges of life on two wheels. We’re here to shine a light with no agendas, no brand loyalties, and no holds barred. Medium is the face of our magazine and where you’ll find 43 past issues and new ones this winter.

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Director MacCreate.com, ApertureNetwork.com, Product Editor for BikeHugger.com. Cyclist, photographer writer, geek.
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Matt Haughey
Internet nerd writing about internet nerdery, mostly.
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Blogger, Designer, Inventor and Publisher of www.bikehugger.com.
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Jeffrey Veen
Design Partner at True Ventures. Advisor to about.me, Medium, WordPress. Formerly, CEO of Typekit, founder of Adaptive Path.
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Michael Pusateri
Evil Corporate Exec, previously Technology Ronin & Man of Leisure
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Matthew Hill
Cycling coach @sourceendurance, Black Belt BJJ Instructor at Gracie Barra Ballard, ex-music industry guy, author of CX Workout Of The Day www.crosssports.net