A Funny Photography Story

My last photo of 14 had a surprise ending

Back in Maui for our annual family vacation, I brought the good camera — one that’s changed how I shoot — and was looking for unique shots. Having photographed every ride, too many sunsets, and sunrises for over a decade I waited until the scene presented itself. Wasn't happy with the lava shots and a couple on-the-bike were good enough for Bike Hugger’s social channels, but just not the moment I was after.

Then as we celebrated New Years Eve on the beach, my wife says, “Check out the fishermen…wait ‘till he walks into the scene,” and boom…

Fishing on New Years eve

There it is! An instance with the beach, West Maui Mountains and Lahaina in the background, at sunset with good light, and with the subject looking on….

In the viewfinder, I zoomed in to check the shot, and discover his thonged butt! Now, that’s funny in itself, like an easter egg for the tourist photographer.

Wait, what’s that in the loupe?

Even funnier is a couple days before, that same thong punctuated a street scene after a very interesting day. It was so interesting, I wrote a vignette about it

Three people staking a Tiki light into the ground while a guitar player strummed in the back of a truck and a sinewy old hippie with a long, white beard polished a 280z. Two steps from that scene, construction workers talked about their jobs and a muscular gymnast posed over his scooter, his butt up with a black thong prominently displayed. Thought he was the fittest woman I've ever seen, for a few seconds.

There he was again. This time not presenting as a muscular gymnast leaned over a scooter, instead a super-fit beach fisherman!

Next year when we return to Maui, I'll ask around about the thonged fishermen — get his story, I bet he’s even more interesting than the landscape photograph he just happened to walked into.

See more photos from Maui in this G+ Gallery and on VSCO’s Grid. Also posts about Maui on our blog.

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